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Concierge Primary Care & Gastroenterologist located in Upper East Side, New York , NY

Dr. Yaffe

About Bruce Yaffe, MD

I am a board-certified internist trained at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York with many years of experience, 15 years as a Castle Connolly top doctor, with a new office on Fifth Avenue across from The Met. I am opening my practice to a limited number of new CONCIERGE patients. 

With a small, excellent staff, who work hard to satisfy my patients, I am available, reachable, organized, open-minded, and on time. I practice common sense and cost-efficient medicine. I am also a board-certified gastroenterologist with extensive experience in colonoscopies and endoscopies. My hospital affiliations include NYU and Lenox Hill.

I practice traditional Mt. Sinai-trained medicine, with a great appreciation for Integrative and alternative medicine. I look for the latest high-tech approaches including genetic testing, neurocognitive screening, and testing with ‘liquid biopsies’ by a blood test that picks up very early cancers.

I am very open to questions, and I have many years of extensive relationships with excellent subspecialists in various hospitals around the city.

With Elsa, my well-liked and very competent ‘right hand’, I am available by text when you have a sudden medical concern, when you need lab or X-ray results quickly, a medication refill, an appointment or timing issue, a Covid or booster question, or a question about medication in the news that might pertain to your health.

I want to work with patients who appreciate collaboration. You and me versus the issue at hand. I like patients with a sense of humor.

I am fortunate to work alongside a wonderful physician assistant, with 15 years of experience, Stacy Beaupre, who is very involved in integrative care and will be doing lab callbacks and will assist patients in supplement coordination. She will also be organizing the neurocognitive evaluation program. Stacy is also available and on-call.

I welcome a scheduled five-minute phone conversation where we can evaluate if we are a good fit for one another.

My concierge program is with Castle Connolly Private Health Partners and I have been on the Castle Connolly Top Doctors list in New York Magazine for about 15 years. We have reduced rates for those living outside of New York, and also for 21-28-year-old family members. Approximately 60% of my patients reside outside of New York City.

I expect to practice for another decade and am in the process of bringing on a like-minded associate who will continue.

If interested in joining my practice, best to call my Membership Advisor at Castle Connolly Private Health Partners at (212) 367-1950 and they will take it from there.



Elsa Manelli is the heart and soul of the concierge practice. Primary contact person and office manager. 
Elsa receives and responds to texts and calls reliably, compassionately, and supports me, Stacy, and my patients in a caring and timely fashion.
She has trained Allison and Cintia, my office staff, to be equally caring and responsive. Treat them all well, please!


Stacy Beaupre Is a very smart and capable physician assistant I have known for 14 years. Stacy has been very involved in advanced emergency room care and will be very involved in callbacks and lab reviews, supplement protocols and conversations, and neurocognitive care assessment. 

I expect to continue to practice for another 5 to 10 years. Within a couple of years, I expect to bring a concierge associate into the practice. If all goes well, Stacy will continue to be part of the practice over the next 20 years.