Concierge Medicine Specialist

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Concierge Medicine services offered in Upper East Side, New York , NY

As your concierge physician, along with Stacy Beaupre, physician assistant, and Elsa Manelli, concierge administrator, I am your go-to person and your medical coordinator for all concerns medical.

Medical issues, large and small, pop up unexpectedly all the time, seemingly more so on weekends. A twisted ankle, a tick bite, a urinary tract infection, or worse, an unexpected chest pain or belly pain… Who do you call, and how do you figure out your best available option in any given place at any given time?

How do you get an urgent response from the medical world when you have a prescription issue or pharmacy complication, a COVID or booster decision, or you have had a cat scan or a lab test And you anxiously need results, or you need a referral to a subspecialist, perhaps a urologist, expedited? Or even a billing error corrected.

Using telehealth, texting, and the phone, my goal is to provide good medical care with minimal in-office time. 60% of my patients do not live locally, many live in Florida, The Hamptons, and even London. All are in New York at least occasionally where I perform annual physicals. My out-of-town patients keep me in the loop and expect perspective and judgment.

As your Concierge Physician, my primary goal is to provide quality, up-to-date, well-thought-out medical care.

By making your life as frustration-free as possible in today’s convoluted medical system. I hopefully also save you a great deal of time, frustration, and possibly even money by helping you avoid possibly unnecessary testing.

One way or another everyone is paying approximately $12,000 annually into the health care system. Could you consider the added cost of concierge care as paying a premium level for a significant hassle and time relief, peace of mind, and quality care?

In my 30 years of medical practice, I pride myself on availability, reliability, and trust.

If interested, please contact my Membership Advisor, at Castle Connolly Private Health Partners (212-367-1950) for an initial contact to determine if we are right for one another.