Gastroenterology Specialist

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Gastroenterology services offered in Upper East Side, New York , NY

I am a board-certified Gastroenterologist, as well as a board-certified internist. I have been a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society focusing on colon cancer prevention, during which time I performed Al Roker’s colonoscopy on-air, in an effort to promote cancer screening awareness. In the last 30 years, I have averaged 20 to 30 Endoscopies and Colonoscopies per week.

As a Gastroenterologist, I deal with irritable bowel syndrome, Gerd, Bloating, Diverticulitis, constipation, loose stools, nausea, ulcers, abdominal pain, pelvic floor therapy, gallbladder disease, Barrett’s esophagus, H. Pylori, Ulcerative colitis, endometriosis effect on the digestive tract, colon and rectal cancer prevention, and colitis.